Because we have created a unique collection , imagined a new meaning . Given the desire body , it gave value to the space . There is the perfect environment , there is the environment in which everyone imagines and dreams of being .

Our sense of quality, our meaning of value.

The technical quality of avant-garde, the excellence of mechanisms, paints and essences that enrich the collection. Quality as a choice, as long-term satisfaction, quality in the broadest sense. The quality as perceived value.
Our customers depart from the kitchen to design their house. Our collections as a guide and source of inspiration for the design of their environments.

Our customers expect top quality. Who we choose is undertaking a very special experience with high expectations. They expect an expensive product because they know that their purchase is not an action taken for granted, but exceptional, for this must have an important value.
They know that the product they are purchasing is not granted, it is rare.

Our customers want to be eclectic and differentiate. They want to define what is best for their mood and their style. They want to be influenced by our creative mix. They also look to hedonistic values. They value their pleasure more than anything else and do not seek only the functional elements, but the imaginary world that accompanies them. Aster then gives an additional value cultural, aesthetic and hedonistic to the content of their overall identity