An important experience, motivated by the passion never died down over the years to the design, research, product quality and services.
We have always believed in the essential link between the ideas, the product, space and matter. No results is the result of chance, rather it is the outcome of a continuous dialogue with designers and the customer looking for authentic identities, perspectives not explored, deep feelings.

Not just a brand but a physical space, a real place where the designer, the private client or the business structure, comparing with the project on a first consulting to understand, evaluate, plan, decide.
From from pencil, like yesterday, the virtual reality of today, we select products, wood, stone, textiles and metals.

We dress surfaces and give body to the volumes. We suggest ideas, paths, possible solutions. With the responsibility that has always characterized us, we measure and organize, assemble and build, from the most complex works turnkey installations to simple interior.

A journey sometimes difficult but always exciting ours, often looking opposites, between minimalism and ornamentation, luxury and simplicity.

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