The Pamela kitchen collection flaunts flexible, practical solutions able to interpret the uniqueness of your world, adapting to suit the forms and dimensions of your home like a tailored suit stitched by expert hands around you.

Clean and elegant contours, solid geometry and quality materials, all in the name of good taste. Conceived for the more refined palate, the Pamela model features an infinite number of aesthetic combinations which maintain an overall sense of simple style, without ignoring the technological base and volumes of truly professional kitchens.

The Pamela custom kitchen design offers a wide range of shapes and sizes, materials, colours and finishes which can be combined into an infinite number of furnishing solutions. Three sizes, S-M-L, mean three different ways of interpreting the kitchen environment depending on the nature of your home: size S is basic and functional, carefully designed for small spaces, size M is perfect for unusual kitchens and size L is for spacious settings steeped both in charm and practicality.