Ebony is a wood with strong tribal and ethnic connotations, seen here teamed with gold leaf in a perfect juxtaposition for a precious elegance.
Sometimes I wonder, to paraphrase Seneca, "you learn from a great man even when he is silent" if we learn from a wood even when inert continues to tell his story .... Meeting then the rosewood, the noble wood of the greatest violin makers The veins are music and harmony to my senses, and is still Contempora.

Emotions in the shape of curves
The pencil draws what Domina creates, every corner, every space, every material, every colour.

Domina is all about dominating the space it fills, taking charge of the colours. Sensuous curves have evolved to celebrate curves as a key decorative feature of design.
Tiny extravagant touches, details sure to offer the sublime pleasure of an unending enchantment. More precious than ever in versions available in gold and silver leafing. Domina MakeUp, an eclectic dominion of materials.